We help you target the right clients, better meet your clients' needs, showcase your strengths and value, convey your differentiators, and isolate your competitive advantage to fuel your growth and profits. We team with you to develop a flexible strategy that we can adjust as your needs change and your goals are met, setting up systems and operations that will save time and money in the pursuit of future work.

Operations are approached holistically and synergistically, and can include setting up systems and integrated databases and CRMs, better internal communication paths, and synchronization of applications for smoother and more efficient processes.

We collaborate with you to establish your corporate brand/identity, or rebrand and tweak your existing brand, as needed. We then incorporate your brand as one cohesive campaign throughout all of your materials, including Capability Statements, branded templates for faster, more efficient and polished proposals, brochures, business cards, presentations, websites, apparel, giveaways, and other collateral materials.

We write copy for you so we can best convey your message, whether it be for your Business Plans, Profiles, Capability Statements, Project Sheets, Approaches, Websites, Emails, Social Media and Advertising Materials.

We also can act as your editor, proofing and tweaking your existing copy to give it that little extra punch that will set you apart from your competition.

We assist you with obtaining and renewing certifications, licenses & minority designations (MWBE/VOSB/DBE). We also have diversified contacts that we can draw from to help you build the strongest teams in order to meet these goals on public sector projects.

We help you compile your proposals and presentations in the pursuit of Private and Government contracts (including SF330s). We also assist in setting up systems that help put together proposals faster and more efficiently, saving you money & time, and enabling you to pursue more solicitations.

From concept through coordination, we will help you put together your corporate functions, milestone celebrations, and themed events.